Mysterious shed

Mysterious shed

Year: 1920 | Included in Albums: Uncategorised

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This picture is visually rather dull, showing part of a wooden shed in front of a high stone wall, with a large wash copper standing outside, but it has an interesting caption on the back: "No 1 Shaft. Gardens. This shed boarded up by Contractors for their own use. J.S." Much more recently someone else has added "Balnagown?". Does anyone know what this refers to?

Cat No. uipl17
Year 1920
Albums Uncategorised
Date added April 19th, 2005
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    Craig Mackenzie

    The picture looks like the back of the Balnagown hotel before they converted it into chalets, there is a high wall which looks into the church, I used to climb on the wall as a kid. John Dundas may be able to verify it better as his parents had the Balnagown for many years

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