Senior class, TRA c1910?

Senior class, TRA c1910?

Year: 1910 | Included in Albums: People / Schools

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This group of senior pupils are photographed in the school grounds along with the headmaster, Mr Hutt, and an unknown lady teacher.

Cat No. 466.2
Year 1910
Albums People / Schools
Date added May 30th, 2005
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    Elspeth Dennis

    I estimate that this picture can't be much later than 1900, judging by the extreme leg-o'-mutton sleeves on the girls' dresses and the hair swept up and back. I know that Tain would have been a few years behind southern fashions but still, 1890s at the latest!

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    David McAllister (History of Tain Royal Academy project)

    Mr Hutt was Rector from 1887-1919 (his 32 years being the longest serving Rectorship). In this photo he does look quite young which may also indicate an early date.

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    Janice Galvin

    The teacher in the front row would be Mary A.C MacKay Dux of School 1911. Verifying

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