Tarrel Farm Squad

Tarrel Farm Squad

Year: 1890 | Included in Albums: Farming

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This photograph of farm workers employed at Tarrel Farm in 1890 was taken by Willaim Smith. It gives a good idea of the number of people who were employed at that time compared to todays' farms.

Cat No. 442
Year 1890
Albums Farming
Date added June 13th, 2005
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    Merren Cliff

    Love to know if anyone can name people in this group. My gggrandfather George Urquhart was possibly the Farm Grieve in 1890 - he certainly had been, when he died in 1911 aged 79. My great grandfather William Urquhart would have been a 29 year old ploughman on the farm in 1890.

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    Lesley Mackenzie

    The lady to the far right of the picture is my great aunt Teenie Ross married to William Urquhart back row far right (grieve in 1900) and I am interested to know if anyone can name any of the young men or boys around her (my grandfather or brothers).

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    Lachlan (Lachie) Munro

    The figure, 11th from the left (fifth standing man from the right) in the back row is undoubtedly my grandfather Lauchlan Munro. He was born at Balinroich Farm, Fearn, in 1876, so he would be about 14 when this photo was taken (which makes me think that the photo is incorrectly dated). He was the carpenter on Tarrel Farm, and for the rest of his life he was known as 'Lachie Tarrell', as was my father, even though he had never lived or worked there. Lauchlan's father, Andrew Munro was the Cattleman at Tarrel, and is presumably one of the older gentlemen in the picture, but I don't know which one (though possibly second man from the right judging by the dour countenance). Lauchlan enlisted in the Scottish Horse around the turn of the century and served as a cavalryman in the Boer War, where he was wounded. He returned to Rossshire and was married in Tain in 1902. The father of 7 children (his youngest daughter, Alexandrina still lives in Glasgow, aged 90), he went to sea as a ship's carpenter during the 1920s, and later was in charge of the building and maintenance of Invergordon Harbour. Latterly he lived in a prefab on Clyde Street, Invergordon (now the site of a car park), and he died in 1958 in Invergordon Hospital.

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    Lachie Munro

    I reckon that this photograph was taken around 1895, not 1890 as stated, as my grandfather 'Lachie Tarrel' would only have been 14 years of age, and the Rosskeen Census of 1891 states that he was a 'scholar' at that time. Could someone at Tain Museum confirm or or refute this?

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    Margaret Urquhart

    Sorry Lachie, we can neither confirm or refute your comment. Our photo collection has accumulated over more than 40 years and we unfortunately know very little about most of them. One of the purposes of the image library is to hopefully find out more about them so we are grateful for comments like yours. The date 1890 was given in the original comment because that was what was written on the back of the photograph but we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

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    Peter Munro was the shepherd at Tarrel and married in 1893 after this picture was taken. The bibbed aproned ladies in caps indicate household staff. Two ladies are shawled in an older style.

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    William John Urquhart

    My gt.grandfather standing behind lady with white apron and cap and my father William Alexander standing beside his mother, Christina Urquhart (nee Ross). My grandfather, William Urquhart is standing next to my gt.grandfather, George Urquhart.

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