Big Boys' Hole, Tain

Big Boys' Hole, Tain

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This post card picture by C W Ross. Tain, is one of several showing youngsters bathing/swimming at a deep bend in Tain River or off the banks along the shore before erosion wore them back too far from high tide. The spot on the river was known as the "Big Boys' Hole". Either summers were a lot warmer then or today's youngsters are not so hardy - perhaps a bit of both.

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Year Unknown
Albums Places / Sports and Recreation
Date added June 22nd, 2005
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    Estelle Quick

    Today's children don't have any problem with the water temperature - not in Cromarty anyway. Perhaps you Tainites are a bit soft!

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    I remember the big boys hole very well, many happy days spent there, lots of fun and laughter there untill a young member of the comunnity had a tragic accident.

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    Jean Cooper (Duncan)

    I'd great fun there. Learned to swim at the Big Boys' Hole starting off with an inflated car tyre as a lifeline - just in case!

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    Bryan MacDonald

    Remember it well I think that where most of us learnt to swim in my era late 50s and early 60s really great fun and a lot if enjoyment.

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    Glynis Mackenzie

    My father, Alec Ferguson,learnt to swim here during the 1930s. He talked of it often. I swam there in around the summer of 1961 whilst staying with my Grandmother, Katie Ferguson.

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    Glynis Mackenzie nee Ferguson

    My father Alexander John Ferguson, born 6th March, 1926, always told my sister and I stories of swimming in Big Boys Hole when he was a boy. I swam in it once August, 1961 when staying in Tain with my grandma Katie Ferguson and my dad's sister Mary Ferguson. A very happy memory.

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