John Shivas

John Shivas

Year: 1905 | Included in Albums: People

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A John Shivas, Land Surveyor and Auctioneer, appears frequently in the Burgh Accounts from c1880 into the early 20th century (later accounts are held elsewhere than the museum). It seems highly likely that the John Shivas shown in the photograph is the one referred to in our accounts. He was employed by the burgh for tasks such as "laying down marches of Mussel Scalps on Plan", "reporting on waterworks", "measuring and selling manure", "measuring road metal" also "measuring crops, High Mills". As an Auctioneer he was used to conduct the sale of various town assets e.g. salmon fishings, town lands & quarries, "ground behind the courthouse". He certainly looks like a land surveyor, dressed in country tweeds suitable for outdoor work and with what could be plans tucked under his arm.

Cat No. 152.138
Year 1905
Albums People
Date added July 14th, 2005
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    Roger E Shivas

    I am Roger Shivas, son of D W Shivas who had the electrical business in Tain and who died in 2002. It is quite likely that this John Shivas is my grand uncle. Do you have any other Shivas related material? I have been trying to collect pictures and notes to augment my family tree.

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    Roger Shivas

    Roger Shivas here again. I got the relationship wrong in my first comment. This John Shivas is my Great Grandfather.

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    Estelle Quick

    Roger, I remember your father with great pleasure. He was a stalwart supporter of the museum and always interested and enthusiastic, and always very dapper too. The museum has a copy of The Racketeer with one of his ads in - Your Man In The Street (or something similar) with a cartoon of him with his head sticking out of a hole in the road. Have you seen that? Perhaps if we ask Margaret nicely she could scan some of the pages - they're full of interest.

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    David Brown

    Sadly, Roger Shivas passed away in Kirkcaldy in 2011. aged 70. His wife Isabel, pre-deceased him. I think they had family, but have no details.

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