Conservator at work

Conservator at work

Year: 2003 | Included in Albums: People

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This shows a paper conservator working on a document found at the bottom of a box in the cellar of the museum store. The document, which was a list of the magistrates and councillors of Tain from 1680 to 1720, was badly damaged at the edges and too fragile to unfold. It was conserved using a new technique in which a paper solution was bonded to the damaged edges by vacuum suction, which meant that none of the surviving writing was obscured. When conservation was complete the document was stable and robust enough to be handled and transcribed. The transcription is available in the Tain burgh records section of the document library on the main website. The conservation work was funded by the Tain Common Good Fund and the Scottish Museums Council.

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Year 2003
Albums People
Date added November 14th, 2005
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