Mussel Dredger

Mussel Dredger

Year: 1976 | Included in Albums: Businesses / Fishing

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This dramatic picture shows Cliff Moscati's Mussel Dredger "Foinavon" anchored off Meikle Ferry on a choppy day. Can you please supply us with a date for this and some of the other photos, Pat?

Cat No. Not specified.
Year 1976
Albums Businesses / Fishing
Date added December 13th, 2005
Added by Pat Swanson
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    Pat Swanson

    This was most probably 1976. I worked on her for two years along with, George Bremner (Now the Garden Centre opposite the Tain Medical Centre) the late Roddy McLeod & the late Peter Moscati. Firstly with Cliff who recently passed away as skipper. Peter stepped into his fathers shoes on his retirement. The test drilling for the Dornoch Bridge being about the same time.

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    Shane Abdelnour

    Nice to see this picture of my dad's old boat.

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    Tricia Moscati

    I have millions of memories on that boat. I took her into the jetty many a time. My dad sold it to George Skinner eventually.

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