Parish Church/Duthac Centre

Parish Church/Duthac Centre

Year: 1900 | Included in Albums: Churches / Places

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A hand tinted post card published by Macpherson Brothers, Tain, showing a front view of the then Parish Church. Knockbreck Street is seen on the right. This building was completed in 1814 and took over from the Collegiate Church which was too small due to the increase in the population of the parish. It remained as a church untill about 1944. It was purchased by the Town Council in 1946 and became the Town Hall, now the Duthac Centre. The post card was never used.

Cat No. 653.1
Year 1900
Albums Churches / Places
Date added February 16th, 2004
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    Shirley Rose Finch

    I am especially happy to see a picture of this church where my great, great grandfather, John Rose, was the Precenter from around 1826 until he came to America with his bride, Catherine Nichol in 1831. We have his Letter of Introduction written by (his) the Pastor of this church, Angus McIntosh, in 1831. I would love to learn any more information re. John Rose, and his service in this church.

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    John Ross

    In the mid-nineteenth century a group of men who had walked for many hours to attend a funeral service in Tain were getting ready for the homeward trek by enjoying a refreshment of oatcakes, cheese and whisky. Seeing the minister coming they asked him to 'ask a blessing' (or say grace). Retelling the story sometime later to a friend who knew his disapproval of 'spirituous liquors', he was asked what he had said. "I asked a blessing on part of the refreshment, " was his terse comment.

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