New St. Duthus Cemetery, Dedication

New St. Duthus Cemetery, Dedication

Year: 1962 | Included in Albums: Occasions / People / Places

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Rev. MacAlpine (left) and Rev. Kinsella conducting a Dedication Service on the opening of the New St Duthus Cemetery, adjacent to the bowling green. Also in the picture are Provost George Cameron and Councillor George Ferguson who himself later became Provost. On the right, with his back to the camera, is Angus Macleod, reporter.

Cat No. 2378
Year 1962
Albums Occasions / People / Places
Date added January 28th, 2006
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    Vi Symons nee Gardiner

    I think that it could be Provost George Cameron and not Provost Robert Hay in this picture. However as it happened over 40 odd years ago my memory might be playing tricks!

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    Margaret Urquhart, Tain & District Museum

    Well spotted Vi. They do look very alike from this distance. We have other photos with Bob Hay in his provost robes and he looks almost identical to this one. I checked the names with my husband Forbie Urquhart and he made the same mistake! However, I have cheked dates and found that Bob Hay did not become provost until 1964, so this is undoubtedly George Cameron. You will see I have made the necessary correction.

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