Tain Scouts c1960

Tain Scouts c1960

Year: 1960 | Included in Albums: Clubs and Societies / People

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This picture we think was taken late 1950's early 1960's. Back L to R - Jim Hay, Alfie Gray (Scoutmaster), Duncan Mackenzie, David Geekie Front L to R - David Munro (father of Neil Munro, Sports Shop), Billy Grant (Grant's bakery).

Cat No. 2841.2
Year 1960
Albums Clubs and Societies / People
Date added February 7th, 2006
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    Shonagh Macarthur

    I think you're 10 years out with this date - my dad, Jim Hay, was born in 1933 so I suspect the photo must be from late 1940s.

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    Ian Anderson

    Gary Cumming is between David Munro and Billy Grant.

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    Dean Hood

    This would be sometime after 1947 as I joined the Navy in that year and would otherwise , probably , have been in this picture. I am now 85 and live in San Diego , California. Hello to all my old buddies who are still around.

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