Presentation of Sun Dial, Rose Garden, 1966

Presentation of Sun Dial, Rose Garden, 1966

Year: 1966 | Included in Albums: Businesses / Occasions / People

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Alex Morrison of Morrison's, Tain, constuction company, and John Fisher Ross (Area Manager, Morrison's) are pictures with the sun dial donated by Alex Morrison for the newly constructed Rose Garden. The garden was created as part of Tain's 9th Centenary celebrations in 1966. Picture, courtesy of the Scottish Field magazine.

Cat No. 2837.3
Year 1966
Albums Businesses / Occasions / People
Date added February 13th, 2006
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    Kirstin Mackintosh

    having just seen this picture and due to the recent remodelling of the rose gardens I would be very interested to know if the sundial was going to be relocated in the new garden, if not where will it be moved to?

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    Margaret Urquhart, Tain & District Museum

    Unfortunately the sundial disappeared long ago. We would be grateful if anyone can enlighten us as to what happened to it and when. There is currently a display in the museum on the history of the Rose Garden and also an article in the April edition of the Tain & Dornoch Picture Post.

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