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The railway reached Tain in 1864. Tain station used to be a very busy place and employed c30 people in its heyday. It had several sidings, sheds, a water tank and a turntable but is now unmanned. Most of Tain’s provisions arrived by rail. Before motor vehicles became more available horses and carts were used to transport the goods from the station. This picture shows the station in the 1960's when it was still manned. Picture courtesy of the Scottish Field magazine.

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Year 1960
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    Lesley Olden

    We used to come every summer to Tain from Cardiff to stay at my grandparents- Alec and Barbara Ross. He was a postman and then ran the library in Tain. How we would be so excited arriving at this station after the overnight train from Crewe and early breakfast at Inverness. Grandpa was always at the station to meet us and Granny at home getting the lunch ready. How we all hated leaving from the platform on the other side going back.

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    Colin Kinghorn

    Just out of the photo to the left was the huge turntable used to turn around the steam locomotives. We played with this turntable as kids, and I was amazed at how easy it was to turn (by hand!)

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    Margaret Urquhart, Tain Museum

    The base of the turntable is still there on part of the Links.

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    Roland MacLeod

    My father, Willie MacLeod from Hilton, was signalman here from 1962 (post Beeching) when he moved from Fearn Station, and he was here until his death in 1971. I also remember Norman (?) who drove the British Rail delivery lorry and who in the 1960s become the janitor of the old Tain Academy.

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    Shane Abdelnour

    In the 50s and 60s I used to travel from Inverness to Tain frequently. From shopping trips or going to and coming from University. I felt quite sad when it became unmanned and the friendly faces disappeared.

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