Freedom of the Burgh, Sir Arthur Bignold

Freedom of the Burgh, Sir Arthur Bignold

Year: 1907 | Included in Albums: Occasions / People / Places

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This group photo is taken at the entrance to the old Town Hall in Tower Street (later used as a cinema and currently awaiting renovation) following the Freedom of the Burgh Presentations to Sir Arthur Bignold, MP, and Colonel James Alex. Francis Humberston Stewart Mackenzie of Seaforth in 1907. Sir Arthur is probably the white bearded gentleman at the front with Lady Bignold beside him. Colonel Mackenzie could be the gentleman in spats leaning against the balustrade. Also in the picture are various councillors, baillies and other dignatories (including the Countess-Dowager of Moray and Sir Kenneth Matheson, Bart. of Lochalsh) and leading businessmen. A cake and wine banquet took place afterwards in the Royal Hotel.

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Year 1907
Albums Occasions / People / Places
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    Jim Leslie

    I'm presently studying the Hopsitals of the Highlands. I presume that Athrur Bignold is teh gentlemen who founded the Bignold Hospital in Wick, and Mackenzie of Seaforth established the Seaforth Hospital at Conon Bridge. Can anyone tell me why they received the Freedom of Tain? Many thanks

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    Estelle Quick

    Sir Arthur was MP for the Northern Burghs, which included both Tain and Wick, from about 1900 to 1910. He had a house at Lochrosque near Achnasheen. Colonel Mackenzie, 1st Baron Seaforth, was a member of Ross & Cromarty County Council. He did a lot of good works and was from a family with long and strong local roots, but I don't know of any specific Tain connection. He owned the Brahan estate near Conon Bridge.

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    Hamish Wilson

    The gentleman standing centre left on the second step up is my great-grandfather, Provost Donald Fowler. To his right, on the step above him, is his wife, Mrs Joanna Fowler, nee MacDonald, of Mansfield. My grand-mother, Margaret (Peggy) was their youngest daughter. She was born and raised at Mansfield. After Peggy married, she gave birth to my mother, Angela Joy Gordon at Mansfield and my mother spent much of her youth at the house and on the home farm. My mother is still alive and remembers Tain well.

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    Phyllis Hannah

    Sir Arthur Bignold (8 July 1839 '“ 23 March 1915)[1] was a Conservative Party politician in Scotland who served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Wick Burghs from 1900 to 1910

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    Rhŷn Williams

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the 3rd lady in from the bottom left is Winifred, Countess of Dundonald, she did have ties with Scotland and with Lady Bignold (as they were both mentioned as being two of the limited wedding guests at Baden-Powell's wedding in 1913).. Winifred was also a tall lady, reaching at 6 feet tall.. which is obvious in this image, but unless there is a logbook or a list of attendees from this event, I won't know for sure.. however if someone does make that connection, Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust will be very eager to know.

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