Three Grand Old Ladies

Three Grand Old Ladies

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Shown here outside the Parish Church in Queen Street are (L to R) Miss Jessie Stewart, Mrs Tibbie Jones and Mrs Chrissie Fraser. The occasion may have been the wedding of Anne Holmes (Baxter). Mrs Fraser was the the mother of John Fraser (of garage and drama fame), mother-in-law of Joyce Fraser. Mrs Jones was John Fraser's sister. Jessie Stewart lived in Scotsburn Road.

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Year Unknown
Albums Occasions / People
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    John Fraser

    Tibbie's real name was Murdina, my Grandmother Chrissie Fraser's sister-in-law and aunt to John (my father), not his sister. She lived in Southgate on Hartfield Road.

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    John MacLeod

    Miss Jessie Stewart was a charismatic and idiosyncratic individual -- a real character. As a primary teacher in Hill of Fearn Primary School, to which she travelled by bus each morning, she was brilliant. She'd started as a "pupil teacher", so never went to university or teacher-training college. And she didn't have any children of her own. That meant she had no idea how stupid 9 and 10 year olds are supposed to be. So she taught her pet subjects of Bible, Scottish history and Scottish literature to university level. And we, because we were only in Primary 3 and Primary 4 and had never been to university either and didn't know how stupid we were supposed to be, learned to university -- and in some instances post-grad -- level, as we discovered many years later. Then the education authorities dispensed with her services, because she had no formal qualifications! The enthusiasm with which she shared knowledge on her pet subjects was infectious. A truly-gifted teacher.

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    Dugald Mackenzie

    I am pretty sure Miss Stewart was also our Sunday School teacher. She was an inspiration.

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