Culpleasant House, still standing

Culpleasant House, still standing

Year: 1940 | Included in Albums: Places

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This Jerome Ltd post card shows Culpleasant house when it was still a substantial building. The bridge is still there but the foundations of the house are now enculfed in trees. The road that passed the house and went over the bridge led to the water springs which were the source of Tain's water from the later 19th well into the 20th century. See also Picture #198

Cat No. 554.1
Year 1940
Albums Places
Date added March 6th, 2007
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    Derek G. Whyte

    Re. Picture 198 and my brother's remarks. If picture 377 really is Culpleasant House we did not live in Culpleasant House. As far as I can remember, or recognize, this picture was taken at what we called the steading which was near but not in the same location as our house. I think the bridge in this picture led to the springs which were the source of Tain water supply. Our house was situated at the beginning of an adjacent glen and was called The Lairgs. There was no stone bridge like the one in the picture, beside it. I believe the house was owned at some time by an eccentric Captain Macleod who, rumor had it, took a daily bath in the pool in a burn which ran down the side of the house. He erected a small gravestone for a dog of his which had been a good companion to him. This stone is still (or was until a few years ago) standing in which was, in our day, a small wood about a quarter of a mile from the house

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    Margaret Urquhart

    The Captain you refer to was a Captain John Dewar whom I have been told was related to the Dewar whisky family. His dog was called Geordie. Sometime soon I will put up a picture of Geordie's grave and also of Captain Dewar if there isn't one already on the website.

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