Watercolour from Tain by C Johnston

Watercolour from Tain by C Johnston

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The above watercolour was probably painted sometime during the 1920-30s, possibly by a pupil or teacher of the then Royal Academy of Tain as the contributor's aunt was an Art teacher there during the period c1915-45. If anyone knows anything about this picture, in particular the person (C Johnston) who painted it, please get in touch.

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Year 1925
Albums People / Places / Schools / Sports and Recreation / Uncategorised
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    Hamish Mackenzie

    The artist is Christina (known in the family as Teenie) Johnston. She was born Christina Cormack in Wick on 1st June, 1857. Teenie was the second child of John Cormack, a fish-curer who, on the death of his eldest son, retired to Tain in 1881and bought St Vincent. She and her elder and her next sister remained in Wick, but their eight younger siblings moved with their parents to Tain. Her elder sister Annie had married Alexander Johnston in 1879, and she herself married Alexander's brother James in 1882, the wedding taking place in Tain. Their father was said to be worried about them marrying the Johnston brothers as they were his own first cousins. But the Johnstons became successful as photographers. Their works are now regarded as fine examples of Victorian photography and important in the history of Wick, and they are one of the main features of the Wick Heritage Centre (which has recently digitised many of them and opened a website featuring "The Johnston Collection"). Both the Johnston brothers were also artists. Several of their paintings can be seen at the Heritage Centre and on the website. Teenie also painted and one or two of her paintings are also on display at the Heritage Centre. Teenie and her children kept in close touch with her sister (my grandmother) Donnie, who married John Mackenzie, solicitor and Town Clerk of Tain, and her children, and they clearly visited Tain from time to time. Teenie died in Wick in October, 1940.

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    Tricia Barnett (nee More)

    Please note the artist signature is JOHNSTON (not Johnstone). The artist Christina Johnston (nee Cormack) married James Johnston. They are my great grandparents.

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