Staff in front of Balnagown Castle

Staff in front of Balnagown Castle

Year: 1890 | Included in Albums: Clan Ross / People / Places

Photo Description

This photo of Balnagown staff was taken in 1890 with part of the castle as a backdrop. it shows 3 footmen , 8 housemaids, the head Housekeeper, Mrs Barogain (far left), and the Butler Mr James Allan (far right). The photo was donated to the museum by Mrs Cleverley, Alness, daughter of the Butler.

Cat No. 124
Year 1890
Albums Clan Ross / People / Places
Date added July 25th, 2007
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    Dorothy Defalco

    James Allan may be my great grandfather. My grandmother Katherine Allan lived at the castle at the turn of the century and immigrated to Canada when she was 18. Mrs Cleverley may be her sister. Sadly, my grandmother passed away many years ago. I would appreciate obtaining some information related to James Allan.

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    James Allan was my Grandfather and his Daughter Katherine was my Aunt. My Father, Edward Allan, was Katherine's youngest brother and Mrs Cleverley was also my Aunt, her maiden name was Jane Elizabeth Allan the youngest daughter. So I think I may be related to you

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    Rosemary Romilly nee Rosemary Allan

    James Allan was my Grandfather, and Katherine Allan was my Aunt. My Father was Edward David Allan, Katherine's youngest brother. Mrs Cleverley was also my Aunt and her maiden name was Jane Elizabeth Allan. I think we may be related.

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    David McLeish

    My great Grandfather Alexander McLennan’s first job was as a gardener at Balnagowan in the 1880s. Strange to think he may have known those in this photograph.

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