Freemasons, St Duthus Lodge (No.82)

Freemasons, St Duthus Lodge (No.82)

Year: 1900 | Included in Albums: Clubs and Societies / People

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This group comprises members of the St Duthus Lodge which was founded in 1761. In the front row (from L to R) are - William Ross, James Maitland, Baillie Wallace, James Munro, Canon Cameron. The Swordbearer (front R) is "Angie" Hector, a pioneer in the Mid West of America. He was said to always wear a hat because the strap used in the portage of his canoe had worn a bald patch. Also in the picture are - Alex Ross, Bookseller, (behind Canon Cameron), Charlie Mackenzie ("Double Thumb"), British Linen Bank and James Urquhart.

Cat No. 712
Year 1900
Albums Clubs and Societies / People
Date added February 23rd, 2004
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    Kate Mackenzie

    Which of the men is Charlie Mackenzie? I am interested, as my ancester Charles Mackenzie left Tain sometime in the 1830's. When his daughter died in 1900 in Jamaica, Scottish newspapers were notified, so there would still have been family in Scotland, presumably in Tain.

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    Tim Johnson

    11 years late I know, but someone else might also want to know - Charlie Mackenzie is back row, seventh from the left (ie the shorter man standing behind the fancy chair). He was my second great grandfather and he was born in 1856, so it can't be the same person. It's always possible this is a case of Chinese whispers, but my uncle thinks he remembers my grandmother telling him that Charlie literally had an extra thumb, hence the nickname! Probably not a fully formed one, but a vestigial digit nonetheless. Every photo I've seen of him, his hands are hidden so I wonder if he was self-conscious about it.

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