Family Group, Tain, 1901

Family Group, Tain, 1901

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We hope that someone can help us identify the people in this image of an unknown family group. All we know is that it was taken in Tain in 1901. Wendy Atkinson who owns the original photograph has given us the following information which may or may not be related to the people in the photograph Her grandmother, Joanna Ross Macdonald, was born in Tain and her great grandfather was a Hugh Ross Macdonald. Hugh was the son of a William Macdonald and Elizabeth Ross. William had a drapery business in Tain before he died in 1835. Wendy's mother spent her childhood holidays in Tain.

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Year 1901
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    Faith Batson

    I have some information regarding the above perhaps. My great uncle, William Maclean married Agness Hogg. Agnes Hogg's fathe rowned the Lewis Hotel in Stornoway until 1908 when he died, and William Maclean, took it over until 1924. Agnes Hogg had a sister Margaret Russell Hogg who married William Alexander Ross who was a Solicitor in Stornoway, and previously came from Tain. William A Ross married Margaret Russell Hogg in Edinburgh in 1904, and then returned to Stornoway where they lived at a house called Wandene. William Alexander Ross's father was Andrew Ross and was born in 1794 in Tain and married at his house, Evelix House for the second time in 1856. Andrew Ross, and 8 to 11 others funded the development of the Tain Distillery, which is now Glenmorangie. William Alexander Ross died in December 1958 aged 94 - his date of birth would have been 1864. William A Ross studied Law at Edinburgh University. He came to the Isle of Lewis to practice as a Lawyer. William A Ross and Margaret R Hogg had a son Conrad who died young, another son Douglas and two daughters Alexa St Clair and Margaret. They left Stornoway in 1922 and moved to Edinburgh, where he housed his two unmarried sisters. Heresumed his legal career working in Charlotte Square until 1927 when he retired.They then moved to Kent as Margaret had contracted TB. Then they bought a farm with 300 acres. Margaret died in 1928. I have just recently found this information out regarding my great uncle, William Maclean, and his wife's sister Margaret R Hogg and her husband William A Ross. I don't know if any of this information is relevent.

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    Margaret Urquhart, Tain & District Museum

    From the information I currently have it would seem unlikely that there is any link with the people in the photo above. However, thank you for such interesting information. Any information relating to families who lived in Tain or the surrounding area could be useful to us in understanding the area's past or may prove useful for future enquiries.

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    Katharine Broome

    Although Faith Batson's information does not apply to the above family, I can add to it. I well remember W.A.Ross in the 1950's. His father, Andrew, was a brother of my great grandmother, Mary, born in the parish of Kiltearn in 1792. Their other siblings - all born in the same parish -were Katharine (Kate) & Donald (1786). Kate married Donald Urquhart at Kiltearn in 1808 & had 2 sons, Findlay & William. One of the latter's sons was said to have escaped from Russia at the time of the Revolution. Donald is thought to have married Ann Fraser at Alness in 1824 & had, at least, Rebecca Rose Ross in 1832. Mary married John Anderson at Kiltearn in 1824. They moved to the Ardross Hotel (later South Bonar) about 1832. Andrew Ross's first wife was Roberta Sutherland of Rearquhar (hence his connection with Evelix). They had no children. His second was Johanna Taylor McEwen. The Rearqhuar Papers of Col. George Sutherland (1720-1815) were deposited with the Scottish Record Office by a descendant, Mr. A.E. McEwen & can be read via

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    Donna Lynn Ross

    Not related to the photo but to the comments above. My grandfathers' grandmother was Roberta Anderson who was a chid of Mary Ross and John Anderson. Would love to hear more.

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