Mrs. Grace Ross, Kilrenny

Mrs. Grace Ross, Kilrenny

Year: Unknown | Included in Albums: Businesses / Occasions / People

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Provost William Ross is seen here congratulating Grace Ross on the occasion of her 90th Birthday. They are standing in the doorway of her house, Kilrenny, in Queen Street. Provost Ross, who had a jewellry shop in Tain, is holding the famous hat which he always wore earning him the nickname of "Willie Hattie". The other lady in the picture may have been called Mary Hoey.

Cat No. 1263
Year Unknown
Albums Businesses / Occasions / People
Date added March 6th, 2008
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    Estelle Quick

    I thought his nickname was Willie Tickie as he also repaired watches?

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    Margaret Urquhart

    Yes, he was also known as "Willie Tickie". It was the "Hattie" one that was more relevant to this picture. However, I did mean to go back and add the information about his other nickname and forgot. Thanks for the reminder, Estelle.

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