Garage Fire, Scotsburn Road

Garage Fire, Scotsburn Road

Year: 1950 | Included in Albums: Businesses / Occasions / People / Places

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This dramatic picture shows Neil D Forbes' garage going up in flames c1950, perhaps earlier. Given the close proximity of the petrol pumps the consequences could have been very serious. It was situated near the foot of Scotsburn Road and part of the concrete base on which the pumps stood can still be seen beside the pavement where the flower bed is close by. The picture also shows part of the wall which surrounded "Ross the Dairy's" property now also long gone. This image is a scan of one of a number of slides taken by local businessman and museum stalwart, George Hamilton, whose family kindly gifted the slides to the museum.

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Year 1950
Albums Businesses / Occasions / People / Places
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    John MacLeod

    Your date for the fire is about a decade too early.

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    Jean Cooper (Duncan)

    I was wakened in the middle of the night to see the fire from 24 St Andrews Road, and we moved in there just after my sister, Rhona, was born in 1958

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    Lesley Olden

    I knew him as Uncle Neil, his wife was Aunty Majorie His mother was my Auntie Cena, my Grannys cousin. They lived in a big house with pebbles in the front. They had two sons Gordon and Fraser . He was inthe RAF in WW2 and shot down and his bravery in rescuing crew members was recognised by being awarded a medal. They were a lovely family who spoilt Ross and I in our annual summer holidays from Cardiff. Auntie Cena always gave the most amazing bear hugs. Happy memories

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