Easter Ross union Poorhouse (Arthurville)

Easter Ross union Poorhouse (Arthurville)

Year: 1910 | Included in Albums: People / Places

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This picture shows the Governor and Matron (Mr & Mrs John Fraser) and two other staff outside the central house around which the Easter Ross Union Poorhousewas built. It was completed in 1850. ( Prior to the the 1843 Scottish Poor Law, Parochial Boards had organised poor relief and made decisions as to who received it and how much.) Staff consisted of a Governor, a Matron, and Medical Officers and Servants. The number of the latter two varied. Most of the food, an entirely vegetarian diet was grown on land (eventually amounting to 21 acres) owned by the Easter Ross Union. This part is now a private home and the rest of the buildings have been demolished. See also Picture #407

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Year 1910
Albums People / Places
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    Mrs Irene Fisher

    my father was born here in 1937.

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