Chapel Road, Tain

Chapel Road, Tain

Year: 1940 | Included in Albums: Places

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This view of Chapel Road from the foot of Castle Brae shows St Duthus Villa in the middle background. The open space in front of it was developed as an Environmental ('wild') Garden a number of years ago. At the middle left is Catherine House and opposite on the right, projecting out, is Outram House. The building on the left foreground is Orchard House/Cottage (see also Picture #159), no longer existing but stood roughly where the little triangle is today.

Cat No. 18
Year 1940
Albums Places
Date added October 4th, 2010
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    Joan Smith

    My husband and I bought St Duthus Villa in 1977 from the Louden family. Mrs Louden was the daughter of Bob Hay who liived there while he was Provost of Tain. The porch at the front of the house has been replaced but the hedge is still there - now over 100 years old. I have seen a booklet published in early 1900's with a photo of St Duthus Villa offering Lodgings

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