RAF VE Day Parade

RAF VE Day Parade

Year: 1945 | Included in Albums: Occasions / People / WW2

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This photo shows the RAF contingent during the VE Day Parade along the High Street in May, 1945. Provost Fraser is taking the salute flanked on either side by halberd bearers.

Cat No. 2229.1
Year 1945
Albums Occasions / People / WW2
Date added February 24th, 2004
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    Lesley Olden

    My father was in the RAf at Meikle Ferry near Tain 1945, he met my Mother in Tain. She lived in Springfield Terrace-

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    Penny Deverill

    My father was also based at Meikle Ferry, No 88 Maintainance Unit Air Sea Rescue, from 1944 till the end of hostilities so could quite possibly be in this parade. He was previously a rear gunner in Bomber Command till he was injured when his Lancaster crash landed. Although he would never ever talk about his time in Bomber Command, he never ceased reminiscing about Meikle Ferry. Having visited what remains of the the base a few years ago I treasure his stories, photo's & memories more than ever, especially as I was one of the lucky ones....my father came home.

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    Colin Williamson

    My father was based at Tain during the war with the Fleet Air Arm. As I understand it they were flying over the North Sea protecting convoys. I know he flew in Wellingtons - I assume they were based at Tain, but he's not around to ask. We visited Tain airfield in 1969, but sadly I wasn't that interested back then to ask him more about it, and sadly he's no longer with us.

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