Ardgay Post Office c.1906

Ardgay Post Office c.1906

Year: 1906 | Included in Albums: People / Places / Transport and Communications

Photo Description

The photo is of the staff of Ardgay Post Office (Ardgay1) taken around 1906 just after the building was completed. The original Post Office in the village was situated at the Poplars Farm. As far as we know the staff are as follows: Back row left to right: Mr Ellis (local businessman at the time and owner of the PO and other new buildings in the village), David Ross (by-name - Collins), Donald MacGregor (Daisybank), 'Humpy' Duff, Hugh Ross (Ivy Cottage), Tom Ross (Ardgay Hill), Robert Ross (Oldtown-brother of Hugh), John and Bob Macgregor (Oldtown), Willie Ross (Airdens), Mr E.Taylor (Postmaster) Front row: Miss Maclean (later became Mrs Tommy Matheson), Mrs Ellis, Miss Catherine M. MacDonald (later became Mrs Polson) David Ross; the old postman with the white beard and stick; originally walked from Ardgay Post Office to Skibo Castle with Andrew Carnegie's mail!!

Cat No. Ardgay1
Year 1906
Albums People / Places / Transport and Communications
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