Munro children, Cadboll, 1933

Munro children, Cadboll, 1933

Year: 1933 | Included in Albums: People / Places

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Glenmorangie House Cadboll c 1933.My grandfather,Donald Munro, worked as a ploughman at Cadboll and for a time lived with his wife Helen (nee Bethune) in one of the cottages attached to Glenmorangie House. This photo shows his 3 children, Jack, Helen and my father Donald (DG)sitting outside the house wall. The boys don't look too happy in their Sunday Best!!

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Year 1933
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Date added October 27th, 2014
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    Maureen Ross

    I don't think this is the Glenmorangie House of today, this photograph is of Cadboll House which was burnt to the ground, and the rubble was buried in the garden. I can remember the Young's living in Cadboll House, Mr Deeth was the Gardener and Chauffeur - I lived in a bungalow at the bottom of the road leading to the drive up to Cadboll House and this was around the mid 60's.

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    Angela Unitt

    Thanks for this information Maureen. Do you know what year Cadboll House burned down? Was it destroyed deliberately?

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    Simon Richard Hughes

    Cadboll house was demolished just before 1980 before it qualified for listed building status. The former owner had it demolished by means of controlled explosion although that didn't completely get rid of it .I lived as a 7 year old child in the house in 1972 with two other siblings and my parents . My father at the time was renovating the now glenmorangie house which is known today. 45 years on I revisited the estate on 8.4.19 and it has stood the test of time very well .

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