Unveiling of Nigg War Memorial

Unveiling of Nigg War Memorial

Year: 1920 | Included in Albums: Occasions / People / Places / WW1

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This post card shows the unveiling of Nigg War Memorial by Sir Robert W Brodie, DSO,MC (in uniform). Also in the picture are the Rev Mr N D Mackay, Nigg, Mr John Grant, Saddler, Mr James Munro and Mr William Ross.

Cat No. 2213.9
Year 1920
Albums Occasions / People / Places / WW1
Date added February 26th, 2004
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    Simona MacAngus

    Was Rev N. D. MacKay, Nigg a Senior or a Junior? I ask because my Uncle Norman Donald Mackay MacAngus was named for a beloved Nigg minister of this name. Uncle Norman was born in 1904 sixteen years before this photo was taken. The man who looks to be in clerical attire looks pretty young. Family lore says that great grandma Christina MacLeod MacAngus (but perhaps Andrew, her husband too) was very taken by Rev MacLeod, his personality and abilities. Research reveals it wasn't uncommon for parishioners to name their baiThis royal college of nursing registry provides some on his name, address, reference to certifying body, her nursing certificate number and month and year it was issued. She lived at Woodside, Leachkin Inverness, was known to be employed by The Craig a mental asylum there in Inverness for many years. It is said that she never missed a day of work and that she was never late to work either. The truth of that is probably not provable but this was told to me by Margaret MacAngus Macrae of Tain, my dear cousin. Her nursing certificate was No 33879 issued by RMPA in November of 1934. I need to determine what RMPA stands for as it should reveal the location where she was trained. namesake appears to have remained. Thus my question whether or not Rev MacKay may have been replaced by his son. Thanks for any insight others may offer.

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