John B Shivas, Tain Postman.

John B Shivas, Tain Postman.

Year: 1955 | Included in Albums: People

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A photo of John B. Shivas when he was a Postman with the Tain Post Office approximate year 1955.

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Year 1955
Albums People
Date added February 18th, 2016
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    Pam Shivas

    Poem written by John B Shivas. I recall when many years ago, Up & Doon the streets o' Tain I'd go, To those grand folks, I'd say 'HULLO'.! As I dished-up from MA MAIL-BAG!! Yes I filled it up at the G.P.O. '˜Twas a happy establishment then you know! Now, please don't think that I'm trying to 'BLOW'! As I say, Foot-ba' Coupons o-er-filled MA MAIL-BAG!!! Wi' the weight o' the 'POOLS' bending me low, I'd urge the shocked Minister to 'HAVE A GO'! They'd get as many Coupons as all in the row Which helped reduce weight, in MA MAIL-BAG!! On my daily rounds, on my way I'd go, Whether rain, shine, or blinding snow, Wi' a cheery greeting to folks I'd know, As I'd hand letters from MA MAIL-BAG.!! Then at XMAS, like 'SANTA' but with no 'HO-HO-HO', Nor 'Sleigh-bells' a tinkling across the snow, All the kids came a running, with faces a glow, For the Cards & p'raps toys from MA MAIL-BAG!! Then at Hogmanay, when in spite o' my 'NO-TA-NO'!! My hand plus glass o'wine was like a bloomin' 'YO'YO'!! So it had to 'Go Down', whether it would be fast or slow. Should I have poured it into, MA MAIL-BAG!! I also rode a Red Bike thro' town & back-row, And a wee Red Van, which often was loath to go, '˜Til some kindly motorist, offered to help or tow, I still say, I preferred MA MAIL-BAG!! Now, as this had all happened, many years ago, Many oceans o' water neath the bridge did fi‚ow, Since we wall worked happily in the Tain G.P.O., And I sorted my letters, to stuff in MA MAIL-BAG!! So, here's to them a', that Staff I loved so, I hope to meet up wi' them a', if to Tain I can go A proud ex-postie I'll be, to exchange a warm 'HULLO', As I did Lang Syne, when I toted MA MAIL-BAG!! ex '“ Postie J.B.S.

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