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This is a photo my Aunt Helen ( nee Munro) had of Tain High Street but there's no date on the back! Can anyone help please?

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Year 2016
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Date added July 21st, 2016
Added by Angela Unitt
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    Dave Marshall

    What a superb photo. Can't date this exactly but can narrow it down a bit for you. The large car on the right NS1680 is a Ford V8 saloon (fore-runner to the famous V8 Pilot). It was introduced in 1937 so the photo is definitely not prior to 37. The car does, however, not look brand new. The car behind it is a Ford Y Type of similar Vintage and the last car in the row looks to be a Ford Prefect which came in in 1938. The car on the right outside the Co-Op looks to be an Austin 10 which was made Pre & Post War. The car behind it with the open door may be an RM series Riley. There are no "New Generation" Post War cars visible but this is not surprising as they were in short supply and most went for export. My guess would be just Post War....46 to 49? The general look of the street suggests late 40s. Incidentally the vehicle extreme right with the fire extinguisher in the wing would be a Post Office van, probably a Morris Series E......hope this helps.

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    Angela Unitt

    Wow! Thanks Dave- great detective work!

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    So very impressed with the forensic photo detective report! Makes me think of Maureen Taylor the american photo expert. Womderful photo. Thanks.

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