Mrs M S Davidson, Ross Street

Mrs M S Davidson, Ross Street

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Mrs M S Davidson of 6 Ross Street about 1947.Married to G B Davidson, Saddler, latterly at 3 Queen Street.Resident in Tain from 1907 to 1969. Mother to five sons and grandmother to three children.

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Year 1947
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    Douglas Davidson

    `Mam` was Glasgow born though of Moray stock. She was confined to her home in later years because of a debilitating physical condition but she was no recluse. A continuous flow of visitors made their way to the kitchen of No 6 and if time was short then a brief chat through the ever open kitchen window would allow for an exchange of the latest news down the street. Even 45 years after her death it was still possible for a passer-by to hear a conversation from fellow pedestrians which mentioned `Mam` Davidson. Her earlier years were spent bringing up her five sons - Jack, Allan, George, Alistair and James - through the Great War, the Spanish Flu, the General Strike and the Depression. The onset of WW2" meant four of her boys joined the Armed Forces. Two did not return. Her son Allan remained with her until the late '60s. She kept in close touch with her relations in Glasgow and Aberdeen throughout the years. Her door was ever open particularly to her three grandchildren; Douglas, Allan and Lizanne from Edinburgh. She died in 1969.

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