St Mary's Well

St Mary's Well

Year: 1930 | Included in Albums: People / Places

Photo Description

St Mary's Well was a fresh water spring lying between the high and low watermarks on the Blarliath shore and could be accessed at low tide It was reputed to have health giving properties, especially for curing consumption. This tinted photograph shows Georgina Macdonald, probably some time in the 1930's. She frequently collected water from the spring and is supposed to have built the stone surround. The site of the well can still be located today by the presence of three large blocks of stone, one of which is seen behind Georgina. It has been claimed that these blocks were originally part of pillars marking the entrance to Tain Castle garden.

Cat No. 2272
Year 1930
Albums People / Places
Date added March 1st, 2004
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    Cameron Macleod

    hi there where abouts is this well im intrested to find out about it and the location thanks

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