Edderton House

Edderton House

Year: 1900 | Included in Albums: People / Places

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Edderton House, overlooked the Dornoch Firth but was demolished in the 1950's. It was part of quite an extensive estate. The house's last owner was a Mr Knight, Underwriter, London. The clocktower shown in the picture still stands

Cat No. 2278.1
Year 1900
Albums People / Places
Date added March 1st, 2004
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    George Robins

    Charles Knight was my grandfather. I have photographs of agricultural shows and other events which were held at the house. I believe my grandfather bought it for the shooting. If you have any further records of the estatae I would be interested to view if possible. Regards, Richard Robins.

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    D Newton

    I live at Brae lodge Edderton(but moving soon),opposite where the mansion once stood,my ex neighbour who was brought up nearby remembered the house in the fifties,before it was pulled down,the land being sold to a mr Clarke.Parts of the stables belong to the local farm now.

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    Joshua Shepherd Taylor died at Edderton House 26 May 1897. He was born in Thurso and made his fortune as an indigo/tea planter in India. Joshua's sister Charlotte had two daughters, Annie & Joanna McDonald. Joshua left both his nieces 10K in his will. Joanna was married to the Tain provost Donald Fowler and responsible for Mansfield House, Annie was responsible for Morangie House. Joshua also bequeathed money for bursaries at Tain Royal Academy per his will

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