Early drawing of Bonar Bridge.

Early drawing of Bonar Bridge.

Year: 1821 | Included in Albums: Bridges

Photo Description

A curved road bride consisting of 3 sections one of which is constructed of steel and the other 2 of stone. There are 3 heavy concrete supports in the river linked together by 3 stone arches. It has pillars at each corner and metal railings along each side. Several people are on the bridge, two are on horseback. A family is sitting at the water\'s edge and on the river, there are two men in a small fishing boat. In the background, a sailing ship can be seen also a panoramic view of the hills of Migdale. The picture has an oak frame with a narrow gilt edge on the inside.

Handwritten and printed on the front - Bonar Bridge, Drawn and engraved by Willm Daniell, June 1, 1821 published by W. Daniell, Cleveland, Fitzroy Square, London

Cat No. 1045.001
Year 1821
Albums Bridges
Date added August 13th, 2021
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