Photograph of 19th century Tain worthies

Photograph of 19th century Tain worthies

Year: 1860 | Included in Albums: Tain Worthies

Photo Description

Silhouette of early 19th century Tain worthies. The man on the left is dressed in trousers, a frock coat, shoes and carries a stick under his arm. The one in the centre is wearing a long overcoat with a cape at back, trousers, shoes, a top hat and is holding a walking stick. The third man who has one hand behind his back is dressed in a frock coat, breeches, socks, shoes and a misshapen top hat.

Cat No. 1654.001
Year 1860
Albums Tain Worthies
Date added October 21st, 2021
Added by Tain & District Museum

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