Strachan the Baker's Staff

Strachan the Baker's Staff

Year: 1905 | Included in Albums: Bakers and Bakeries in Tain

Photo Description

B/w photo of John Strachan, a baker with his staff and a small boy - probably his son.
Written in pencil at the bottom. - G Ross (Buro) Mason, George, Miss Findlay, McIntosh, Dad, Self, Miss Falconard, McRae.

Cat No. Not specified.
Year 1905
Albums Bakers and Bakeries in Tain
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    The photograph appears to have been annotated by Donald Strachan, who refers to 'self' and 'Dad', namely John Robert Strachan (b. 1871), master baker. As Donald was born in 1908, and he appears to be around 6-10 years old in this photo, it's likely to have been taken during the First World War. I think that the man in the middle of the back row, referred to as 'George' is George King Strachan (b. 1892), younger brother of John Robert Strachan.

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