John Gallie & Co, Grocer

John Gallie & Co, Grocer

Year: 1940 | Included in Albums: Businesses / People

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John Gallie & Co operated as grocers in Tain during the early part of the 20th century. There were two shops - one in Market Street and this one in Stafford Street. The business was later taken over by Donald Leitch. The photograph shows Mr Leitch on left, with members of Staff. The building to the left is the Carnegie Library.

Cat No. 1257
Year 1940
Albums Businesses / People
Date added March 22nd, 2004
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    Wilmer Fawcett

    A relative John Fraser (born 1821 Nigg) married Margaret Gallie 1849 in Tain, where he worked at Wallace & Fraser. Might this John Gallie be related to Margaret in some manner?

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    Helen Ross

    I wonder if this is a relative of John William Walker Gallie born 1893 Edderton and married May Mercer 1922. He was the brother of James Gallie born 1890, and the son of Barbara Walker (daughter of Annie Ross) and James Ross McLean Gallie. She was born in Edderton and James at Carrieblair Farm.

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    John Ross

    is the JOHN GALLIE also known as JACK .my greatgrandmother was netta gallie, she was born in 1896. she also had a brother james who was killed in 1 of the wars

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    Denise Gardner

    my great-great-great grandmother was born Isabella McLeod who worked for a John Gallie supposedly a shoemaker in Tain in 1837-1838 when she was arrested for stealing and given 10 years transportation to New South Wales. I have just returned from a visit to Scotland which included Tain and was able to see where Isabella McLeod was held in what was called the toll house before her trial in Inverness. Is their anyone who could add to this information please? I am happy to phone anyone at my cost.

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    Stephan Pater

    Just saw this picture and from the left the people are Donald Leitch, Donnie Munro, ??, and then my Aunt Margaret Sangster (married name Goller) and the mam of Ray and Brian.

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    Barbara Beavis

    My mother , Netta Gallie and daughter of James Gallie and Isabella ( Robertson ) Gallie

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    Sandy Boswell

    James Gallie, born 1890 was married to my Great-Grandmother, Isabella Robertson (born 1888) in Tain. My Gran was Catherine MacKenzie Robertson. She was 3 years old when James and Isabella married. Don't know who Gran's father was. Lovely to see the picture though.

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    Alison Strath

    Was there any other grocer shops in Tain in the early ish 1900’s?

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