p1-2 overview

p1-2 overview

Year: 1890 | Included in Albums: Victorian Tain Album

Photo Description

Page 1.01 Collegiate Church pre gable end restoration
Page 1.02 John Scott, Rector TRA
Page 1.03 Tain High Street
Page 1.04 Tain looking west from Tolbooth
Page 2.05 Miss Catherine Ross married Mr Gunn, Minister of Halkirk (daughter of Andrew Ross)
Page 2.06 Mrs Ross Balblair, Edderton, daughter of Mrs Munro of Leality, grad aunt of Finlay Munro Esq of Rockfield
Page 2.07 Mr Andrew Ross, Balblair, Edderton. Farmer and Distiller
Page 2.08 Mr Andrew Ross Balblair (son of the above)
Page 2.09 Mrs Ross Lower Kincraig, Jeannie Munro of Rockfield, sister of Finlay
Page 2.10 Mr Philip Ross, Lower Kincraig, son of old Balblair, Husband of Jeanie Munro
Page 2.11 Mr Andrew Munro Jr of Rockfield, brother of Jeanie

Cat No. Not specified.
Year 1890
Albums Victorian Tain Album
Date added May 13th, 2022
Added by Tain & District Museum

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