Year: 1890 | Included in Albums: None specified.

Photo Description

Page 33.228 Lynn & boy
Page 33.229 David Russell Ross
Page 33.230 Lewis Ross
Page 33.231 Mrs Davidson of Rosskeen
page 33.232
Page 33.233 Lizzie Davidson
Page 33.234 unknown woman and child
Page 33.235 child standing on chair
Page 33.236 unknown man
Page 34.237 Maggie Rose or MacLeod, daughter of Lewis Rose, sent to Australia
Page 34.238 Mrs Rose, wife of Lewis Rose
Page 34.239 Donald Archie MacLeod
Page 34.240 unknown man
Page 34.241 P Matheson (Morangie)
Page 34.242 unknown young lady
Page 34.243 HR Murray
Page 34.244
Page 34.245

Cat No. Not specified.
Year 1890
Albums None specified.
Date added May 13th, 2022
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