Year: 1890 | Included in Albums: Victorian Tain Album

Photo Description

Page 37.248 brother and sister
Page 37.249 Miss Marion Forsyth
Page 37.250 unknown man
Page 37.251 unknown lady
Page 37.252 Mr Smith bookseller
page 37.253 Mrs S... sister of John Gallie (grocer)
Page 37.255 unknown family
Page 38.256 3 sisters
Page 38.257 young Cadboll
Page 38.259 Miller
Page 38.260 Grant Moor Farm
Page 38.261. Ross
Page 38.262 unknown lady
Page 38.263 man with rifle
Page 38.264 Father and daughter
Page 38.265 unknown lady

Cat No. Not specified.
Year 1890
Albums Victorian Tain Album
Date added May 14th, 2022
Added by Tain & District Museum

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