Quebec Bridge

Quebec Bridge

Year: 1920 | Included in Albums: Places

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The mason responsible for this bridge was a Mr Mackenzie. We are not certain how the bridge got its name, although there is a suggestion that (a) citizen(s) of Tain may have fought with General Wolfe in Canada. There is also a Quebec Cottage, and a comment in the catalogue states that Mr Ross of Moorfarm was known as `Old Quebec`.

Cat No. 84.1
Year 1920
Albums Places
Date added April 5th, 2004
Added by Tain & District Museum
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    Lisa Mcmurray

    Hi Does anyone know anything about this Mr Mackenzie and when the bridge was built ?

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    Margaret Urquhart

    The Mackenzie who built this bridge was a Bailie William Mackenzie. He was a road contractor and bridge builder in Tain and was responsible for the construction of many of the roads and bridges in Easter Ross. He was also a Magistrate for many years. William Mackenzie was a great uncle of WJMunro (Town Clerk of Tain) and WJ was Rosemary Mackenzie's father.

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    Lisa McMurray

    Does the museum have any history or notes regarding this William Mackenzie. Was he born in Tain? For what period was he Bailie and Magistrate.

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