Saving Easter Ross Images 

These are just a selection of some of the best of over one thousand photographs donated to the Museum during our Heritage Lottery Funded Saving Easter Ross Images Project. A huge thank you to all the people who donted photographs during the project and to all the people who volunteered there time to help out. 

Cadbol Tennis Court


An old photograph of Hilton of Cadbol tennis courts, donated by Simon Young. The tennis courts were on the shore below Cadbol House.


Tain Tolbooth

Postcard of the old Tolbooth at Tower street Tain. The present tower was rebuilt in 1707 althought there has been a tolbooth in Tain since possibly as early as 1580. The post card was donated by Marion Ross.

Front Street inver

An rare old phograph of Front Street Inver. The image shows the traditional fishing cottages with their original thatched roofs. The photographs was donated to the museum by Sheila Hauge.

Lovat Scouts

Trooper Thomas Ross of Stafford Street Tain serving in the Lovat Scouts. Thomas is the brother of Donald pictured at the Seaforths camp below. The picture was donated by Catherine Hill nee Ross.

WW1 Studio Shot

A studio shot showing a sailour possibly from WW1, the sailors hat seems to read HMS PEMBROKE. On the back on the image is written Chrissie MacPherson.

The photograph is from a huge collection of photographs and postcards belonging to the Macrae family from Balintore. The collection was donated to the museum by Emma Death


Seaforth Highlands Camp

Private Donald Ross of Tain is on the far right of the photograph. Donald's family stayed on Stafford Street Tain. The Photograph was donated to the museum by Catherine Hill nee Ross.

Tain ARP

A photograph of Tain Air Raid Wardens. Their main purpose of ARP Wardens was to patrol the streets during blackout and to ensure that no light was visible. The photgraphs was donated to the museum by Mrs Millar who's father is in the group.


Prisoner of War Photograph

A photograph of the three children of William and Mary Skinner, Inver. The photograph was sent in 1944 to Stalag XXB.164. Germany to POW William Skinner no. 15287. William was in the Seaforth Highlanders and like many men from this area was capture at St. Vallery and spent most of the war as a prisoner. William took the photograph with him on his long march to freedom at the end of the war. The photgraph was donated to the museum by William's daughter Sheila Hauge seen on the right seen with her brother Tony and sister Marion.


 Stafford Street Tain

Hugh and Euphemia Ross outside their cottage at 15 Stafford Street Tain. The house was on the site on the Tain YMCA. Photo donated by Catherine Hill nee Ross.

Dan Ross's Shop Balintore

Dan Ross's shop in Balintore. The photograph was donated to the museum by Marion Ross, Dan's grandaughter.

Knockbreck School Fire

A striking image of a large crowd watching Knockbreck School on fire. The school was completely gutted in the 1980's. The image was donated to the school by the then janitor Kenny Mackay.

Tain Public School

A photograph of Tain Public School pupils. The photgraph was donated to the museum by Jaqueline Ross.  

Tain 900 Years Celebration

A photograph taken in 1966 outside the tolbooth during Tain's 900 year celebrations. It appears to be a mock trial and a hangman and noose can be seen. Donated to the museum by David Robertson.

Fantastic Hats

A wonderful shot of three young ladies in their hats. The photograph dates from around 1919 and is from the Macrae family album donted to the museum by Emma Death.

Huge Horse

A brilliant photograph of a lady outside an old building ontop of a massive horse. The photograph is from the Macrae's of Balinotre family album and was donated to the museum by Emma Death.


Herring Girls.

A wonderful photograph of the Herring girls hard at work. Many of the ladies pictured came from the fishing villages of Hilton, Balintore and Shandwick. The picture was donated to the museum by Catherine Freeland.

 Highland Fabricators.



An aerial photograph of one the very early oil rig jackets, for the North Sea, being towed out from the flooded dry dock in the Highlands Fabricator Yard. The Images was donated to the museum by James Gilmour.

Highland Fabricators Dry Dock.

A photograph of the massive dry dock in the Highlands fabricaotors Yard. The image was donated to the museum by the Tain Community Council.

Early Tractor

A very early tractor pictured outside a farm buiding possibly at Cadbol farm. The photograph wasa donated to the museum by Davine Sutherland.

 Ploughing Match

Polish Forces 1946

Polish forces stationed stationed in Tain after the end of WW2. The driver of the small armoured car is Jozef Ubych. The photograph was donated to the museum by Helen Vass who is the daughter of Jozef.  

Inver Salmon Fishing

A colour photograph of Inver men going out fishing for salmon around 1957. Names on the back William Skiner, Willie Maclean, Johnny Skinner and Dan. The photograph was donated to the museum by Nanette Fleming nee Skinner.

Tarrel farm Squad

A photograph of Tarrel farm workers, taken in 1957. D Ross, Jock Ross, Urquhart, Jey, J McNicoll, Henderson, Hary Frig, Sandy Fraser, Willie Patience, Tarlogie, Sigy, Jimmy McNicoll. The image was donated by Simon Young.


Thomson & CO

The Thomson's removal van from Tain heading up the alpine bends on its way to Applcross. The photograph was donated to the museum by Ian Anderson.

Thomson's Furniture Shop.


Thompson furniture shop on Upper King Street Tain. The shop was demolished for housing in the 1990's. Donated to the museum by Ian Anderson.

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