An exhibition, 'Tain & District Through The War Years', was held from June-August 2006 in the Collegiate Church. It was the work of a group of museum volunteers who got together to remember their childhoods and, more particularly, the years 1939-45 and how they affected Tain and District.

The Pre war Years

The mainstay of the Easter Ross economy was farming with Tain as the commercial centre. Every Friday a market was held and five banks transacted business along with many shops offering a variety of goods and services. Nevertheless, the 1930's were a time of high unemployment and financial stringency.

The Introduction of new technologies, such as electricity, meant that the area was moving with the times. Despite the changes of the era old customs continued to be observed so that in many ways folk still enjoyed a traditional highland life.


 Dr E.K.Mackenzie

Dr Mackenzie, locally known as Dr E.K., practised in Tain during the 1930s and 1940s. He took a keen interest in local and national affairs and wrote his thoughts and observations in a series of diaries, providing us with a rare and invaluable record of life at the time.

On 11th September 1931 he writes:

"Politically great excitement throughout the country. The Labour Government has resigned in ruin of their failure to devise means of balancing the budget without reducing unemployment benefit. A National Government has been formed...... The new balancing budget is to strike us all: 1/- per head is to come off insurance index list: 5d is onto Income Tax, and 2d onto petrol. Teachers salaries and police pay are cut down...... Well, what must be, must be !!


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